Gym – Group classes list

Enjoy more than 30 daily classes in our dedicated studios.

Cycling Studio

Rhythm Cycling 50 min RIDE. SWEAT. GROOVE.
Let loose on the music, challenge your body and recharge your soul as you move and pedal to your favorite beats!
A cardio workout on the bike focusing on raising the heart-rate. Using a heart-rate monitor in this class is a good way of monitoring your workout.

Burn Studio

Our high intensity interval training workout moves you from station to station, providing you with a motivating environment to push your limits, no matter your level of fitness. Sessions are fun and supportive, guaranteeing optimal fitness results. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, this is the ultimate workout for you.
Circuit Power classes are workouts that focus on lean muscle development. Less cardio but high intensity!
In order to work both your strength & conditioning, you’ll switch between the ‘Skillmill’, ‘box’ and ‘Floor’ stations around 2 to 3 times during a 50-minute session.

Challenge Area

Bike 30 min BIKE. BREATHE. FLY.
Experience the thrill and challenges of outdoor cycling. Infinite virtual routes to explore. Precise, valuable data to improve your power and efficiency. Breathtaking races to enjoy alone or in group.
Row 30 min ROW. BREATHE. FLY.
Experience the thrill and challenges of outdoor rowing. Infinite virtual landscapes to explore. Precise, valuable data to improve your power and efficiency. Breathtaking rowing races to enjoy alone or in group.

CrossTraining Area

Crosstraining 50 min TRAIN. SWEAT. REPEAT.
Our workouts include proven interval routines and strength training that will ramp up your metabolism, leading to hours of post-workout calorie burning. During the sessions, you’ll switch between stations to work on your cardio, strength and conditioning.
Kettlebell 50 min SWING. LUNGE. SQUAT.
Strengthen and tone your whole body whilst improving your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance in our Kettlebells class. Come join a class and get to grips with a kettlebell, experiencing how it’s a powerful tool for improving your fitness and overall body composition.
Strength 50 min LIFT. PUMP. FLEX.
Strength class is a full-body workout designed to help improve muscular strength. Including weight training can help to build muscle and offset the rate of muscle mass loss during weight loss, effectively supporting your fitness goals.


Boxing Studio

Self-Defense training is a way of understanding how to respond when faced with potentially critical situations.
The TRX Suspension Training is the original, in-class workout system that uses gravity and your own bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise, because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.
If you want to have a well-rounded full body workout using punching bags, this class is for you. It will help you build strength and relieve tension and feeling great!
This workout focuses on keeping your form together and your punching sharp. You will fine tune your boxing skills and learn new boxing techniques.
Booty Box 50 min SCULPT. KICK. PUNCH.
Strengthen your booty, abs and legs while keeping your body lean. This boxing workout will help you improve your posture by building a stronger lower back & abdomen while helping you achieve your hourglass figure.
TRX Functional with Pilates 50 min TRX Functional with Pilates is focused for those looking to get strong and lose weight. The class starts with an alternation of exercises using the TRX (suspension training) and dumbbells, merged by a set of Pilates Mat exercises, and finishes with a cool down.


Movement Studio

Barre 50 min SCULPT. TONE. DANCE.
Inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, barre focuses on low-impact, high-intensity yet elegant movements designed to sculpt long lean muscles.
Cardio Dance 50 min SHAKE. SPIN. GROOVE.
Shake it ’till you make it! Rev up your energy levels and let the music take control at our cardio dance party!
BODYPUMP® is the original Les Mills™ barbell class. Let the music motivate you in this full-body workout, which trains all your main muscle groups to strengthen and tone your body.
Sculpt 50 min SCULPT. TONE. SHAKE.
Open to all levels, these classes use light weights and stretch bands on the mat and standing to tone and strengthen muscles.
Zumba 50 min CARDIO. DANCE. FUN.
A complete workout, combining all the elements of fitness: cardio and muscle preparation, balance and flexibility, a boost of energy and absolute well-being after each session, all guided by the rhythms of Latin American dance and other world music. Make sure to wear running shoes!
Ballet Advanced 50 min ELEGANCE. POISE. TECHNIQUE.
Our advanced ballet class is a traditional
ballet class with barré work, center, and combinations across the floor. Modifications are made throughout the class for varied skill levels and ability. There is no dress code, come in what you feel comfortable wearing that is appropriate for ballet class.
Ballet Beginner 50 min TWIRL. DANCE. DISCOVER.
Do you want to move your body, have fun and be active? Then a basic beginner ballet class is for you.
You do not need to be able to do splits! This is not a competition. If you have never tried ballet, do not be intimidated. This is a friendly environment, and ALL are welcome.
Abs and Booty 50 min LIFT. TONE. SCULPT.
Abs & Booty is a concentrated workout focused on developing and toning your glutes to stabilize and strengthen your body. It celebrates your body by lifting, strengthening and defining that backside.
Inspired by a mix of pilates principles, yoga postures and breathing techniques. You will develop strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility.
BodyArt is a high intensity split training program focused on endurance. Combining static and dynamic exercises, bodybuilding, strengthening, plyometric exercises and breathing techniques. This class offers an intense workout with no impact on the joints.
Pilates Mat 50 min BALANCE. CORE. POSTURE.
Pilates is a mind, body, and spirit practice with benefits that include improved posture, better coordination and balance, increased lung capacity, improved concentration and focus, increased body awareness, stress management, and injury prevention.

Tatamis Studio

Vinyasa Yoga 50 min FLOW. FOCUS. FLEXIBILITY.
Vinyasa is a term used to describe continuous or dynamic movements between yoga poses. This flow of movement is excellent for getting your heart rate going and working up a sweat. Vinyasa can also help increase flexibility, strength, stability, calmness, and focus.
Ashtanga Yoga 50 min CORE. POSTURE. FOCUS.
The Ashtanga yoga method can seem overwhelming, and this class is here to help. Detailed explanation of the practice will be given, as well as introduction to the traditional Sanskrit counting method. We recommend attending a minimum 4 Ashtanga basics classes before attending the Half Led Primary class to allow a deeper understanding and respect for the practice.
Morning Yoga 50 min RISE. FOCUS. ENERGIZE.
Morning practice is an energizing way to start the day. It aims at bringing clarity to the mind and awakening the body before a busy day.
Power Flow yoga 50 min Power Flow is a dynamic vinyasa class which takes you on a journey through strong poses and challenging transitions. Expect to work hard, strengthen your body and your mind, and take your practice to the next level. Power Flow is ideal for those with a strong foundation in their practice and not suitable for beginners.
Yin-Yang Yoga 50 min FOCUS. RESTORE. CONTROL.
An asana practice that blends strengthening and softening elements with the purpose of balancing the body and mind. Students will experience both a dynamic practice combined with long-held, deep stretches to cultivate a focused and meditative mind. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.
Yin Yoga helps to calm and balance the mind and body, reduce stress and anxiety and increases circulation.The poses are held for up to five minutes, sometimes longer to release tension.
Kinstretch™ 50 min STRETCH. CONTROL. REINFORCE. Kinstretch™ is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. All the movements and training techniques have been selected based on a meticulous and rigorous investigation of evidence, conducted by physical conditioning and medical experts, as it pertains to body control, injury prevention, joint health, and physical longevity.
Restorative Yoga 50 min PEACE. RESTORE. CLARITY.
Restorative Yoga aims to promote effortless relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Poses are supported with props and held for longer periods to allow for deep states of relaxation. When the body is supported and balanced, the body’s own ability to restore itself is activated. You will leave this class feeling an inner clarity and calm.
Rocket Yoga 50 min STAMINA. SWEAT. FLOW.
Rocket Yoga builds strength and stamina through its series of postures and follows a very fast tempo, so it works on the cardiovascular system and gives you a sense of stamina and endurance…its non stop movement from the beginning to the end.
Hatha Yoga 50 min CONTROL. POSTURE. FOCUS.
Hatha Yoga is a more traditional approach to the system of practicing asanas (poses). In a Hatha class, you will practice less poses and hold them for longer periods in order to explore them more fully and understand how to work with your body and your mind.
Flexibility 50 min STRETCH. RELAX. RELEASE.
Flexibility training involves activities that aim to stretch your muscles until they’re loosened up, and your body becomes lithe and limber, offering you more freedom of movement.
Unbalanced Yoga is an intermediate-advanced vinyasa-inspired class for yogis searching to take their arm and standing balances to the next level, physically and mentally.
Pilates Mat 50 min BALANCE. CORE. POSTURE.
Pilates is a mind, body, and spirit practice with benefits that include improved posture, better coordination and balance, increased lung capacity, improved concentration and focus, increased body awareness, stress management, and injury prevention.
Meditation 50 min CONCENTRATION. CLARITY. PEACE. Meditation develops concentration, which allows us to calm and steady the mind. The perfact way to destress and clear your mind.
Hypopressive Abdominal Training 45 min BREATHE. CORE. CONTROL.
Hypopressive exercise consists of training based mainly on isometric contraction of the deep abdominal muscles, in which there is muscle tension but no movement, breathing techniques are applied and it involves postural re-education
Qi Gong 50 min CONTROL. BALANCE. FOCUS. Qi gong is based on the daily repetition of exercises that are supposed to mobilize the Qi “the original energy that circulates in the body and mind of every human being”, to strengthen and purify it, in order to obtain a harmonious circulation, a guarantee of good health.
Sound Healing 50 min DECOMPRESS. HARMONY. BREATHE. Sound healing is a holistic practice that allows you to sink into a deep state of meditation using therapeutic-grade instruments to create calming soundscapes
Iyengar Yoga 50 min ALIGNMENT. POSTURE. FOCUS. It is a rigorous yoga that is characterized by attention to the alignment of the different parts of the body in space, the organization of postures in sequence and the use of supports. It is a rigorous yoga that is characterized by attention to the alignment of the different parts of the body in space, the organization of postures in sequence and the use of supports.
Pilates Stretch 50 min RELEASE. REINFORCE. REJUVINATE. This class is the perfect balance of strengthening ans stretching. You will be lead througha series of postures, either to reinforce or stretch your muscles, leaving your body and mind feeling rejuvianted.



Aquafit 50 min MOVE. LOW-IMPACT. ENDURANCE. An efficient, high-energy, endurance focused workout in the pool where you’ll develop muscular strength without stressing your joints.
Aquabike 50 min PEDAL. TONE. SWEAT. A cycling class that takes place in the pool! Great for toning as well as developing endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
Swim Class 50 min CRAWL. BREATHE. REPEAT. Refine existing swimming skills and learn new ones in this adult swim training session, with an option to focus on technical training


Stretching Area

Pilates Reformer circuit training 50 min BALANCE. STRENGTH. POSTURE. Pilates reformer classes are an effective method to get more out of your Pilates class, with the use of the specialised Pilates reformer bed. Using the special resistance, tension and movement of the reformer with a range of props, spring adjustments, and blocks, Pilates classes are always kept fresh and interesting by the passionate and attentive guidance of our instructor.


Run 50 min FORM. TECHNIQUE. EFFICIENCY Fine tune your running technique before a big race!
Bike 50 min FORM. TECHNIQUE. EFFICIENCY Fine tune your biking technique before a big race!