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What is Mix?

An all-in-one hospitality concept

A unique and unusual place in Brussels. Located in the former building of the Belgian Royal in Boitsfort. Mix, totally decorated and renovated by Atelier Lionel Jadot, gathers a hotel, restaurants, event spaces and an extraordinary Gym & Wellness.

It is a place for those who want to change the way they organise their daily life, a place for those who want to join a unique community, a place for those who want to escape to a green space in Brussels, a place to boost your creativity or even to outdo yourself.

Where is Mix located?

Mix is located on Boulevard du Souverain 25 in Boitsfort. We are located in the former building of La Royale Belge.

Close to public transport, the European Community and the main roads of Brussels.

When does the Mix open?

We know you’re excited, but it’ll be a few more weeks before we open: the Mix is scheduled to open mid-June. Until then, be well!

My curiosity is too strong, can I visit Mix before the opening?

For the moment it is not possible to visit the building due to the safety requirements of the construction site, Mix will welcome you as soon as it opens in June!

As of May, we will start to hold meetings in our offices (next to the building site), and can welcome you there for more information on the Gym & Wellness and our events, visits are by appointment at

Are children welcome at Mix?

The restaurants, hotel and other common areas are open to the public, including children.

Mix Gym & Wellness is an adult friendly concept with the latest recreational facilities in a place decorated by artists. Unfortunately it is not suitable for children, only people over 18 years of age can become members of our club.

Does Mix have a parking lot?

Of course, Mix also has a parking lot for visitors on 2 or 4 wheels. The Mix car park is public and accessible to all visitors.

The parking for cars will be accessible free of charge for the Gym & Wellness members during your sports sessions (for a period of 2 hours).

Mix declines all responsibility in case of theft.

Gym & Wellness

What does the Gym & Wellness include?

Located on two floors of the Mix, our sports area covers more than 5000m2. Within the Gym & Wellness:

  • An “open gym” area equipped with Technogym machines,
  • A recovery and stretching area,
    immersive studios for group classes,
    indoor and outdoor swimming pools of 25m,
    spa & wellness: sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, banya, iced cabin, and salt cave,
  • A multidisciplinary wellness and performance centre health & performance,
  • A coworking flexdesk.
The Gym & Wellness, for whom?

Inclusivity through sports

Accessible to all (adults), for those looking for performance, community spirit, group classes, or just the desire to relax.

What are the gym's opening hours?

Whether you are an early riser or a late riser, Mix is open from 6.30AM to 10.30PM every day of the week and at weekends from 08AM to 08.30PM. Don’t panic if you’re a keen sportsman, Mix is also open on public holidays.

What are the different group courses I can attend?

We have 6 studios dedicated to group classes.

From the moment we open, you will find a whole range of group classes. Here are some of them. This list will be completed and shared as we approach our opening, with a detailed weekly schedule :

HIIT / Cycling / Barre / Stretch / Yoga / Sculpt / Mobility / Dance / Boxing / Functional training / Recovery / Pilates / Pool workouts / Night yoga / Self defense practice / Krav maga / Jujitsu / Movement / Outdoor rides / Running sessions…

How many group classes are given per day?

We have 6 studios dedicated to group classes. For the most motivated, group classes start at 07:00. From then on, 25 sessions are given per day by our coaches. The classes are accessible to all Gym & Wellness members without limit.

Is the outdoor pool open all year round?

You can enjoy the outdoor pool all year round. And the good news is that we have a terrace and sunbeds for the warmer days!

What can I find in the Open Gym?

Whether you’re a fan of lifting weights or running, you’ll find something to suit you in our Open Gym.

The Open Gym has more than thirty different Technogym machines, all of which are the latest technology to work your cardio as well as your muscles.

What is the Health & Performance Center?

The Health Center focuses on prevention, rehabilitation and performance.

Therefore, for an additional fee, Uperform professionals are available for various services such as physiotherapy or sleep coaching, if booked in advance.

What can I find in Wellness?

We are all looking forward to the Wellness area, which will be unique in its kind! There will be a banya, a steam room, a jacuzzi, an iced-cabin and a salt grotto. In addition to the saunas in the common areas, each changing room has a sauna! The jacuzzi has a giant cinema. There is also indoor and outdoor pools.

With your membership, everything you need is provided: towels, hairdryers and care products. And as a special touch, the relaxation area includes a bar with coffee in the morning, and drinks in the evening for debriefing the day with friends.

Gym & Wellness Memberships

How can I become a member?

It’s simple, registration is done online. Simply fill in the registration form to join the club. The Gym & Wellness is only accessible to our members.

  • The subscription is deducted monthly,
  • A monthly invoice is possible (see below),
  • The first payment is made in the month of opening,
  • Our opening rates apply for 12 months following our opening
I have received a "referral access", how does it work?

You know someone who is already a member of the Club? Thanks to their “referral code” you can benefit from an exclusive rate. This code is to be entered when you take out your subscription.

  • The “referral code” action ends on 31 March,
    each early member can invite and share the code with two friends,
  • The code must be entered when you subscribe, it cannot be entered afterwards,
I am not sure of myself, can I have a trial session?

Mix offers a lot, but no trial session. However, it is possible to visit the facilities with a member of the Mix team by appointment.

Early entries: when will the first payment be made?

For all pre-opening subscriptions, it is obvious that the first debit will take place at the opening of our establishment. You have 30 days after opening to activate your subscription.

If you have requested an invoice, this will also be sent during the opening month.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you must give us three (3) months’ notice.

Your request for cancellation must be sent to Mix’s management via a form provided for this purpose.

The notice period starts on the first day of the month following the month in which Mix received and validated your request to terminate the subscription.

Is it possible to receive an invoice with the subscription?

Of course! By filling in the registration form, you can enter your billing details. The first invoice (as well as the first direct debit) will be sent during the first month of subscription.

Can I put the subscription as a company expense?

The “Balance” formula gives access to the flexidesk coworking, it allows to combine a new way of life combining work and sport. The VAT on the Club formula is 21% because it is not strictly related to the gym. On the “Health” and “Light” formulas, the VAT is 6%.


I would like to take out subscriptions for members of my company. How can I do this?

Mix is very happy to hear about your interest! For corporate deals, a minimum of 10 subscriptions is required. If this is your case, contact us at the following email address:

Gym & Wellness Library

What are the facilities I can enjoy in the library?

Our Library is a flexdesk: you come as you are with your computer and you can set up wherever you want! However, there is no company registration, nor a dedicated office with fixed workstations.

Our coworking space is equipped with the best Internet, 100 seats, phone booths, 4 meeting rooms and a water cooler. Mix reserves the right to limit the use of these facilities to 2 days per week.

Is it possible to have an office address or a fixed office?

Our Library coworking is a flexdesk: you come as you are with your computer and you can set up wherever you want! However, we do not have a company address or a dedicated office with fixed workstations.

Any questions that remain unanswered?