Gym & wellness frequently asked questions.


Where is the Gym & Wellness located?

Address / Boulevard du Souverain 25, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
Located on the second floor of the Mix.

Park your car


Members can park in our dedicated parking from there following the Mix signs through the atrium until the 2nd floor. Parking is free of charge, if you have registered your car plate and this during your sports sessions (for a period of 3 hours).

-parking C / Gym & Wellness
-address / Tenreuken, 1170 Brussels
-take the ramp in the middle
-register your car plate in advance at the front desk of the Gym & Wellness


For our non-member visitors, access to the paid Indigo parking (entrance B) is available. Additionally, many surrounding streets near Mix offer free disc parking for two hours, with the option to enjoy this.


Park your bike

Parking C / Gym & Wellness

-address / Tenreuken, 1170 Brussels
-take the ramp on the right

Are kids allowed in the Gym & Wellness?

The Gym & Wellness space is exclusively for adults aged 18 and above. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Contact the team

Members can contact us anytime any moment for information, the Front desk team will help you get all the information you need during your visits.
mail /
call / +32 26694810


How can I become a member?

It’s simple, registration is done online. Simply fill in the registration form to join the club in the tab membership

The Gym & Wellness is only accessible to our members.
-the subscription is deducted monthly,
-a quarterly invoice is possible (see below),
-your membership will start the day of your visit, this same day your payment will be processed,
-receive your member card that allows you to get in the Mix and use the lockers.

How to visit or talk to a sales?

You are welcome to visit the club any week day, from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5.30pm without any appointment or plan an evening visit on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings until 8pm with a Sales through the following link BOOK A VISIT.

A dedicated member of the staff will show you the facilities and answer all of your questions.

You can also book a call with our Sales team through this link BOOK A CALL.

When will the first payment be made?

You can choose the subscription start date until the first day of the next month. If it’s set after that, we’ll handle the change automatically.

Once paid you can activate your membership at the desk:
-you’ll be required to make a payment based on the prorated amount for the remaining days of the month.
-after that, all payment transactions will be processed on the 5th day of each month.
-payment options: all debit and credit cards allowed but no cash.
-if you’ve left us your invoicing details you will receive your invoice on a quarterly basis by email

How can I cancel my subscription?

Sure! To cancel your subscription, you must give us three (3) months’ notice.

Your request for cancellation must be sent to Mix’s team at

The notice period starts on the first day of the month following the month in which Mix received and validated your request to terminate the subscription.

Contact /

Is it possible to receive an invoice with the subscription?

Of course! Once subscribed you can send us your billing details at The invoices are sent quarterly.

What is the VAT rate for membership ?

The “Club” membership gives access to the flexi desk coworking, it allows a new way of life combining work and sport. The VAT on the Club membership is 21% because it is not strictly related to the gym. On the “Health” and “Light” memberships, the VAT is 6%.

Nonmembers and trials

Discover exclusive access to the Gym & Wellness by joining one of our members, offering you the opportunity to purchase a day pass for 60.

Additionally, enjoy convenient access during your stay at our hotel for a complete well-being experience.

Gym & Wellness

The facilities

Our sports area covers more than 5000m2 and is situated on 2 floors of Mix. Within the Gym & Wellness:

-an “open gym” area equipped with Technogym machines,
-studios for group classes
-wellness with sauna, hammam, banya, iced cabin, and salt cave
-a recovery and stretching area
-indoor and outdoor swimming pools of 25m
-a multidisciplinary wellness and performance center health & performance
-a coworking flex desk

Want to go for a ride?

Bike rentals are available for free for the Gym & Wellness members. We offer a selection of bikes and tours, visit the hotel reception for more information. Helmets and locks are provided.


In our adult-only facility, changing in the locker rooms while wearing a swimsuit is mandatory. Please refrain from wearing shoes in the wellness area, and ensure you have a towel when using the saunas and loungers.

-access the pool & wellness area by the changing rooms
-mandatory to wear workout clothes
-guests are required to use the towels provided in your room
-swimsuits should not have pockets and not worn outside. No underwear under the swimwear
-no shoes in the pool & wellness area
-smoking is prohibited
-mandatory to use lockers to store personal belongings and change in the changing rooms (don’t wander in a swimsuit)
-taking pictures of others is prohibited to respect the privacy and comfort of our members
-food, drinks, and glass containers are not allowed

What are the gym's opening hours?

Whether you are an early riser or a late riser, Mix is open from 6.30am to 10.30pm every day of the week and at weekends from 8am to 8.30pm. Don’t panic if you’re a keen sportsman, Mix is also open on public holidays.


What are the different group courses I can attend?

We have 9 studios: Pole dance area – Tatamis – Corner studio – Challenge area – Cross training – Movement – Burn – Cycling – Pool

Studios are dedicated to group classes, here are some of them:

HIIT / Cycling / Barre / Run / Stretch / Yoga / Sculpt / Mobility / Dance / Boxing / Functional training / Recovery / Pilates / Reformer / Pool workouts / Night yoga / Self-defense practice / Krav maga / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Movement / Outdoor rides / Running sessions / Circuit training / Booty box / Cross training / TRX suspension / Zumba / Amapiano / …

How many group classes are given per day?

From then on, more than 30 sessions are given by our coaches. The classes are accessible to all Gym & Wellness members without limit. Group lessons membership can be booked via the app

What is the Health & Performance Center?

Operated by Uperform.

The health Center focuses on prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.

Therefore, for an additional fee, Uperform professionals are available for various services such as physiotherapy, massages, or sleep coaching, if booked in advance.
Link to Uperform


What can I find in Wellness?

Step into our banya, sauna, hammam, iced cabin, and salt cave. Enjoy a drink at the bar or a movie from the jacuzzi – ready by the end of the year. There are also indoor and outdoor pools.

With your membership, everything you need is provided: a towel, hairdryers, and care products. And as a special touch, the relaxation area includes lemonades in the morning, and drinks in the evening for debriefing the day with friends.

Will I get my own personal training?

Every new member signing up will receive a complimentary 1.5 hour personalized coaching session tailored to their unique needs, guided by our expert coach.

Group classes booking

How early can I book workouts online?

For our Light and Health members, course reservations are possible up to 5 days in advance, providing optimal flexibility to plan your schedule.

Club members enjoy an additional advantage, with the ability to book up to 7 days in advance, ensuring seamless schedule management for a tailored fitness experience.

Something came up. Can I cancel?

It is entirely possible to cancel a class, provided it is done at least 3 hours in advance. However, please note that failure to adhere to this time frame will result in a penalty.

After accumulating three penalties, the subscription will be suspended for a period of 2 weeks. It is important to emphasize that penalties are reset at the beginning of each month, providing a fresh opportunity to maintain regular and respectful participation.

Your desired class is full?

Don’t worry, you can join the waiting list. In the event of a cancellation, you’ll receive an alert, giving you the opportunity to rebook the desired class. Stay connected and don’t miss the chance to participate in your favorite session.

Health & Performance

What is Uperform?

Uperform offers a comprehensive approach to health and performance, based on the 4 pillars: movement, nutrition, mindset, and recovery.

The multidisciplinary team of specialist therapists work together to provide personalized health and performance programs tailored to each patient. Their mission is to prevent injuries, treat health problems and improve performance.

Therefore, for an additional fee, Uperform professionals are available for various services such as physiotherapy, massages, or sleep coaching, if booked in advance.

Link to Uperform

What services does Uperform provide?

A wide range of services: General and sports physiotherapy, nutrition coaching, psychology, osteopathy, massage, and many others including personalized training and monitoring programs.
Link to book your session