Gym – House and class rules

1. Class booking policy 

Classes are only available to Members. Members are those who have an active subscription with Mix whereas Clients are guests of the Hotel. 

Classes must be booked in advance via the official Mix application (

By default, bookings are made available 5 days in advance unless otherwise specified. Some classes have special booking rules. Some membership packages may have priority access to bookings. 

The “Booking” option enables to reserve a seat, while the “Add to Waiting List” option allows to join the waiting list when a session is fully booked. If spots become available for a class, everyone on the waiting list will receive a notification. The seat will be assigned to the first person who sees the notification and successfully books it on the app.

Members will be notified by email when their reservation is confirmed. 

Members who have booked a session are required to check-in with the instructor at the designated studio at this time. If a member is not present at the beginning of the class, the booking will be canceled and considered as a “no show,” and any remaining space will be offered to members who have been added to the waiting list, or who are waiting at the studio. A penalty will be applied to the Member’s account. 

2. Classes cancellation policy 

If a Member is unable to attend a session for which he has booked a place or has been added to the waiting list, he must cancel his booking via the application no later than 3 hours before a session. Any cancellations made less than 3 hours before the beginning of class will be considered as a “late cancel” and a penalty will be  applied to the Member’s account. Cancellations are not accepted by phone or email. If a member is not present at the beginning of the class, the booking will be considered as “no show”, and any remaining space will be offered to members who have been added to the waiting list, or who are waiting at the studio, and a penalty will be applied to the Member’s account. After 3 no shows/late cancels within 30 days, you will be unable to book classes for a period of 15 days. In the event of a Late Cancel or No Show, a penalty will be applied to the Member’s account. 

In order to respect everyone’s practice, no late entries are allowed and it is strongly discouraged to leave the session early. Mix reserves the right to refuse access to the studios.

3. Group Class Rules

Studios are reserved for group classes.

The cross-training and challenge areas are available to members, except when a class is taking place in that area.

Mix makes every effort to deliver sessions and services on time as advertised. However, the studio schedule is subject to change without any refund to the Members. 

4. Parking

Mix Gym & Wellness subscriptions provide access, subject to availability, to 3 hours of free parking:

-at any time in Parking C – Gym & Wellness (+1 floor, Tenreuken entry)
-or as from 6PM on weekdays and at any time during the weekend in Parking A (-1, Tenreuken entry). 

Access is permitted only after registering the car plate at the Gym & Wellness reception.

If a member exceeds the 3-hour limit on three occasions within a 30-day period, they will be unable to enter the parking facility for the subsequent 30 days.

To avoid being stuck at the barrier, we recommend members to check for parking availability  on their app before entering the parking lane. If the parking is full, the barrier will not open.

Access to Parking B (public parking) is not included in the Membership. Parking in this area requires payment, and is not reimbursed by Mix.

Please note that many streets surrounding Mix have blue zone disc parking, allowing free parking for up to two hours, and after 6pm. 

5. Theft, loss, damage and injuries

Participation in our activities or use of our facilities carries inherent risks, including the risk of injury. Members and clients voluntarily assume all such risks and release Mix from any liability for injuries or accidents. Members and clients are expected to follow safety guidelines and conduct themselves respectfully while on our premises.

In the event of an injury, members and clients authorize Mix to seek necessary medical attention, and they assume associated costs.

Mix is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property on our premises.
Any items found are stored at the Gym & Wellness reception for a duration of 2 weeks.

6. Dress Code and behavior

Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Members and clients must wear proper workout attire at all times. This includes the use of a towel and the cleaning of sports equipment after use, both in the Open Gym and during group classes.

Members and clients are required to use the towels in the sauna, salt room and on the wellness relaxation mattresses. Showers are required before entering the Spa and Pool. 

It is mandatory to wear workout clothes in the Open Gym and during group classes. 

Swimsuits should not have pockets and should not be worn outside. No underwear should be worn under the swimwear. Birthday suits (naked) and sport shorts are prohibited in the swimming pool and wellness area.

Shoes are not allowed in the pool and wellness area.

7. Privacy and behavior

It is mandatory to use lockers to store personal belongings and change in the changing rooms (please do not wander in your swimsuit).

Taking pictures of others is prohibited to respect the privacy and comfort of our members.

Food, drinks (except for water), and glass containers are not allowed in the Gym and Wellness.